What do we do

We understand the love and effort you put into your business because that's what we do with our work. We use proven design methodologies to create innovative solutions for your business problems. Our UI/UX design solutions provide measurable outcomes and improve user engagement

Saviour App, designed by us awarded India’s Best Design project 2017 by POOL Magazine
easyTaaza, MetroBikes Winner of the POOL magazine "India's Best Design Award" for 2018
Finalist at NASSCOM Design4India 2018

What do we do

We understand the love and effort you put into your business because that's what we do with our work. We use proven design methodologies to create innovative solutions for your business problems. Our UI/UX design solutions provide measurable outcomes and improve user engagement

Our Capabilities


B2B or Enterprise design solutions

Enterprises generate a large amount of data. Our design solutions for an enterprise contains functionality around this broad data set. We focus on building visualization around the trends and patterns obtained from this data. With particular emphasis on compatibility with your existing legacy system, our Enterprise design solutions aim to support cross-functional teams. The focus of our UI/UX solutions is to enable people to get more done in less time and to support multi-user flows in your organization

  • Easier interaction between cross-functional teams
  • Compatible with existing designs
  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Support Multi-user experience
  • Modern, minimalistic and clean
  • Built for big data, built around big data

B2C or End-user consumers design solutions

We follow a user-centered design process for understanding the user and the business. This enables us to create designs that cater to both the user's needs and business goals. In an age of short attention spans and shorter shelf lives of products, we create intuitive design experiences to increase user engagement and retention with your brand. Our design solutions are based on research and built for the right user personas which convey all aspects of your brand in a short engagement time with the user

  • Research-based
  • Higher Consumer Engagement
  • Brand centric
  • Responsive or Mobile first
  • Personalized designs
  • Clear and simple flows

Design Process

ui-ux-dev-process ui-ux-dev-process




User feedback based on research is the building block for a great product or service. Insights derived from research help in selecting the right approach and strategy for designing. Scientifically asking the right questions provides valuable business and market insights. This helps in generating user profiles, preferences, likes, dislikes, pain point identifications, etc

  • User Interviews
  • Desktop Research
  • Competitor Analysis


The right strategy is based on the goals of the company. We provide UI/UX strategy for your product or service. This involves defining goals, identifying business needs, setting measurable metrics, cross-functional interactions, and risk analysis. A strategy helps define the ideal user persona

  • Stakeholder
  • Collaboration
Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Interaction design is a subset of the broader UI/UX design. It involves designing the exact point and act of interaction. The where and how of communication between the user and the system. Interaction design includes five dimensions, text, visual representation, physical space, time & behavior

  • Information Architecture
  • User flows
  • Task flow analysis

Visual Design

The first thing a user sees in your product is visual design. An interesting and straightforward design will engage a user more with your product or service. Visual designs have to be purposeful and delightful. Our visual design suite of services include

  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Design Systems
Visual Design

User testing

With usability testing, we identify real-world usability problems with the product or service. This helps to understand the scenarios and flows of how the users interact with your product. The feedback is used to make changes for improved engagement with your brand

  • Rapid prototypes
  • User interviews
  • Design validations
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Asked Questions
What are the achievements of the design team?
We are a UX design company comprising handpicked craftsmen with experience on a wide range of verticals like Healthcare, IT security, IoT & Casual gaming amongst others. Apps designed by our team have garnered thousands of downloads. We are an award winning design agency having won multiple awards for India's best design project in the year 2017 & 2018. SmartBP (https://www.codecrafttech.com/portfolio/smart-bp-monitor.html), an app designed by us was ranked No 1 in the medical apps category on the App store
What is CodeCraft's differentiator?
Design is a way of life for us here. We firmly believe that good UX is always built around user interaction design. Crafting delightful user experience is not just a job for us, but rather a way to transform business and create impact. We follow Design Thinking religiously for all our design processes here. All of these makes us the preferred UI/UX design service provider for US companies
What tools & technologies does CodeCraft use for UI, UX design?
Anything and everything that can bring ideas to life is a tool at CodeCraft. Be it a humble pencil & paper to more advanced tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Invision for prototype, Sketch for digital designs, Principal for animation and interaction, Zeplin, Figma for collaboration, we are focussed on creating the best design experience for our customers
What business domains do you support?
Our team has experience working with a full spectrum of domains ranging from large scale corporations to boutique start-ups in the USA and the whole world. We apply design thinking principles which can be used to any business vertical to create innovative solutions for your customers
How can I get a proposal for my project?
Just reach out to us! We are a leading UX design agency for US businesses and very active on social media. Reach out to us on Facebook, Medium, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or give us a call. Our team will get in touch with you with a domain specialist and help you make a decision on your requirements. Our model of offshore, onshore design team can cater to each of your needs
How much would a UI/UX design project cost with CodeCraft?
Our pricing models are compatible with your Mobility roadmap. Whether you have a long term goal or you want to enhance an existing project or simply create a prototype to make a decision, choose from our flexible pricing model. We offer a Retainer model which is pre-set with price and duration. Be flexible with our Hourly models for evolving projects or choose a fixed cost model. All these makes us the best UI/UX Design Agency in US
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