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The most popular mobile application development platform in the US is iOS. With over 50%market share, reach out to more customers with our iOS Application services. Whether you want to build a brand or you want to create omnichannel experiences for your customers on various iOS devices, with our award-winning designs on the iOS, we got you covered. We help businesses visualize and bring to life their ideas, from Conceptualization to successful deployment



Explore our suite of Android application development and discover how your business can benefit from our proven expertise on Android. Android is the world's most popular smartphone OS and runs on a wide variety of mobile devices. We help build the most customer-oriented solution for your business with our custom Android Application development for the US market all encompassed in pixel-perfect user experience



Cross-platform and Hybrid solutions can help your business to deliver faster updates to customers and reduce business costs as a result. Discover our cross-platform mobile app development services with React Native, Flutter, and many other cross-platform solutions for your business. With Cross-platform applications, you can use a single code base to reach out to customers using different devices to expand your customer base


Enterprise Mobile Apps

Make your business mobile with our Enterprise mobile applications. Wherever your employees and customers are, provide safe and secure access to your enterprise data and services. Our enterprise mobile application services on major platforms help an enterprise to streamline their process. With real-time and on-time data available, your business will enjoy timely decisions

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Development Process

CodeCraft is a leading mobile app development company for US. With Design thinking at heart and Agile methodologies as a practice, we follow an “ideate-design-prototype-build-test” method of development. This approach makes us one of the top iOS developers for US Beginning with Conceptualisation, we prototype your ideas, vision into a concrete need. As leading iOS development services providers for US, our projects are helmed by a domain specialist project manager who serves as a contact person. The engineering process comprises small, focussed two-week sprint cycles with rigorous quality and feedback integrated. Every sprint ends with an addition to the product which is reviewed and tested by the client.

  • design-thinking

    We follow design thinking and agile methodologies at an organisational level

  • domain-specialist

    Domain specialist, a project manager for business contact

  • constant-interaction

    Constant interaction with stakeholders, feedback-driven

  • sprints

    Focussed, Quality centric two week sprints

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Asked Questions
How does CodeCraft engineer Mobile App Development?
We are a leading Mobile App development company for US with decades of experience in the Mobility Service field. We provide innovative app development and digital solutions to business problems to spur growth and to increase the customer base making us the eminent iOS developers for US. With a creative engineering team consisting of skilled and experienced app developers and top-class designers, we mix our technical expertise in conjunction with the customer domain to craft products and services in an Agile methodology. We work on different models of development that suit our customers' needs like Onshore, Offshore model, Time and money, retainer project, etc. A single point of contact helms every project. An experienced project manager helps our customers to clarify or discuss any task at hand, thus providing the best possible mobility services and hence positioning us the leading mobile app development service provider for US customers
How will CodeCraft work with my team to help my business?
CodeCraft is not just an engineering company engaged in Mobile app development, but also your digital partner. We value the effort you put in your business and know that you don't compromise — values that are in the fabric of our company. Hence our best-in-class Mobility services are always in sync with your targets. Every project is executed using the Agile methodology and follows the complete cycle of Analysis - Ideate/Design - Development - Test - Deployment - Repeat. We prefer communicating with a single point of contact both ways to reduce bottlenecks in communication and delays
What’s CodeCrafts development methodology?
CodeCraft religiously follows and propagates Agile. Every project begins with a detailed discussion with the customer to understand their needs, business & domain. Various brainstorming sessions are conducted to collect requirements. Our award-winning mobile app design team then translates these requirements into beautiful designs and immersive user experiences. After taking feedback into account, plans and specifications are formalized. The development works in sprints of two weeks delivering something tangible and measurable at the end of the sprint. Constant feedback is solicited and included in the tasks for the next sprint
What skillset does CodeCraft offer?
CodeCraft is lead by a founding team that has a combined experience of over two decades in digital transformation via Mobile app development. Our mobile app design team has won multiple awards at the national level for building pixel perfect UI and crafting incredible UX. The engineering team, mobile app developers, quality department are some of the best minds in the industry selected after a tough evaluation process. This gives us an edge over other service providers and positions us the leading mobile app development company for US. Some of the technology we specialise in are iOS, Android, Web App, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid Apps, Cloud Solutions, MEAN, MERN, TICK stack etc
How is CodeCraft different from other companies?
Passion is the differentiator for CodeCraft. Passion for transforming today's businesses with tomorrow's technologies. This makes us the top iOS development service provider for US companies. As eminent iOS developers for US we differentiate ourselves from other service providers by specializing in niche technologies like IoT, IT Infrastructure Security, Modern HealthCare, and Energy sectors. We work on industries and verticals which make a difference to the community as a whole. All of these attributes makes us the leading mobile app development company for US
What pricing model does CodeCraft follow?
Our pricing models are compatible with your Mobility roadmap. Whether you have a long term goal or you want to enhance an existing project or build a prototype to make a decision, choose from any of our flexible pricing model. We offer a Retainer model which is preset with price and duration or an hourly model for evolving projects or simply choose a fixed cost model
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