• Savior - Ambulance Booking

Project Description

One of the main causes of death in case of a sudden cardiac arrest or any other medical emergency is the poor response time of ambulances. Savior is an initiative by CodeCraft to ensure quick and easy access to a collaborative network of ambulances, hospitals, and trained first responders to reduce this response time and spread awareness about emergency Basic Life Support. Savior is backed by a robust platform with fail-safes which even works without the 3G/4G network. Operational in Mangalore-Karnataka which is our home city, the average response times of ambulances have been reduced by 65 to 85% depending on whether you are in the outskirts or in the heart of the city.

Requesting an ambulance through Savior is completely free through the Savior app available in the App Store and Play Store. A requestor can choose the hospital which is nearest to him/her and they can track the same in real-time via the App itself. As part of the Savior Initiative, first responders are trained to provide BLS or Basic Life Support during Stroke, Poisoning, Choking, Severe Trauma via First Aid & CPR. This enables a victim to receive vital assistance during the crucial immediate aftermath of an incident