MetroBikes (Now ‘Bounce’)

  • Metro Bike - Metro Bikes is one of India's first smart urban mobility solutions

Project Description

Metro Bikes now rechristened Bounce is one of India's first smart urban mobility solutions, with a mission of making daily commute stress-free, time-saving and reliable. It strives to reduce the hassles in modern-day commute by providing an affordable and convenient mode of travel. This is predominantly aimed at providing a seamless first mile and last mile connectivity to metro users. The aim is to help decongest the roads by encouraging commuters to choose public transport - by providing a convenient way to rent motorbikes and reach their destinations from metro stations.

The Metro Bikes app lets users book and pick up a bike at a metro station or from a wide area of points. Once done, users can drop off the bike at any accessible, legal parking spot in the city. The bikes are keyless and work on OTP-based access. This helps the user to have an easy start to the whole trip

Metro Bikes has an impressive and extensive fleet of motorbikes and scooterette catering to all kinds of users and their driving styles. There are many value-added features with Bounce; For eg, short rides are inclusive of fuel, convenient pickup and drop points, cancellation policies, eWallet, and Booking. All of these features are available with a tap on the app