• gtlyfe - IOT app for Georgia Tech

Project Description

An IoT mobile application for students.

We were approached by the client with a diverse set of requirements for the product along with the directive to ‘Make it magical’. We set off on this task by getting deep into aspects related to academics, typical student itineraries, campus activities and social life, even the campus layout. And since the complex algorithms needed to make some of the ‘magic’ happen were already in place, we studied those too before crafting a solution that the students would love. gtlyfe is an intelligent digital assistant that keeps you organized, active and involved on Georgia Tech campus. With powerful scheduling and productivity tools, gtlyfe seamlessly integrates your academic and social life across campus.

gtlyfe connects every aspect of a student's campus life, from studying to fitness to campus engagement, through a network of local sensors and an intelligent digital assistant. As the student uses Cytilife's smart assistant based services, it continually learns about the student's schedule, preferences, habits, and receives more and more tailored services across all aspects of campus to make her/his daily routine more efficient and more rewarding.

The patent-pending AI engine constantly learns to bring to a student personalized, localized services. The student just sets their interests & preferences, and the smart assistant grows along with their needs. It also integrates directly with a students' device calendar and multiple data sources to amplify their scheduling power across all aspects of campus life. It's their individual life, all in one place.