Edelweiss Real Estate

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Project Description

Developed for the mobile and web platforms, this project was about ideating and developing an end-to-end solution to drive real estate business.The process began with us analyzing and understanding how real estate operations work. We brainstormed and came up with ideas, deployed a secured data architecture, and delivered a solution that made complex workflows simple for people in their organization and their collaborates. The real estate sector in India is now evolving into an organized sector and Edelweiss aims to lead this change. Edelweiss Real Estate is part of the Edelweiss Home Search, a platform solely focused to enhance customer values in the buying process.

Services provided under this solution ensures promise, assurance of quality and professional approach towards home buying.Edelweiss home search, also known as Edelweiss Real Estate Advisory Practice (REAP) gives you the assurance of transparency in transactions while its offerings give the buyer a real picture of his/her investments.

The solution built provides Edelweiss to set up a process which cultivates a beneficial scenario for all stakeholders of Edelweiss REAP involved – the homeowners, the Community Partner & the developers. In sync with Edelweiss's endeavor, the App aims to uplift the real-estate industry by inculcating fair trade practices across verticals that encourage healthy competition, realistic deadlines, competitive rates and genuine marketing of the property in compliance with the government and financial regulations.