• easy-taaza

Project Description

easyTaaza enables direct access to freshly grown organic vegetables by connecting consumers and farmers. The harvest to doorstep delivery happens within 12 hours, ensuring that users get the maximum benefits of consuming fresh produce. easyTaaza also supports ordering just what is needed, to avoid wastage as well as the loss of nutritional value that occurs in refrigeration and storage.

easyTaaza helps a user to purchase organic stuff from a farm within a short duration of time so that the user can get fresh produce. The app is totally user-friendly. On the home page, he or she can click on the order date. This will take them to the next day cart that clearly lists the items ordered and their quantity chosen. Under the Menu just by clicking on the Order History, a user can see all his previous transactions. Choose a particular date to view the deductions for that day.

Also as a value-added service from time to time the app shares some interesting facts about the different produce. The News Feed section in the easyTaaza website feature articles that are more relevant to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, there is a Smartfill feature enabled in the app. This will project some facts based on the user's profile and order pattern that will help in improving your overall health.